Weekend Recap:

  • Mama Fru was in town and we had so much fun!!
  • Kreeger Museum for cocktails and an after hours visit Friday—after a delicious happy hour at Black Salt. (Their fish and chips is dynamite!)
  • My cousin Chrissy who I grew up with has moved into my sister’s basement for the next 5 months to do her PT clinicals. Excited to have her around!!
  • Saturday—-walking/shopping around Old Town Alexandria with my mom, cousin and aunt. Then relaxing and having a mini Crabfest in the backyard with family and friends. :) It was fun and delicious. I suck at breaking down the crabs tho. A+ for effort.
  • Sunday morning I said goodbye to mom and went for a bike ride with Jason to prep for the Cycle for Life event next weekend!!
  • We ended the weekend with a little bit of wine and cheese on his roof-deck overlooking the city in Fall—it was perfect.

UGHHH to now returning to Monday.